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9-13 April 2018
MACH 2018
Birmingham, UK

MACH 2018 is an important meeting place for the British and international manufacturing industry. The expo focuses on design, technology and innovation. AP&T will present its total offering, with emphasis on production solutions for lighter, safer and more energy-efficient products. 
Among other things, AP&T will provide insight into the latest developments within press hardening. AP&T will also present its globally unique solution for manufacturing complexly shaped car parts out of high-strength aluminum. 

AP&T will be in Hall 20 at Exhibit Booth 441.

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10-12 April 2018
ATC 2018
Guangzhou, China

Automotive Advanced Manufacturing Technology Summit in Gungazhou is the largest event of its kind in China. Participants come from both China and abroad. AP&T will take part in this year’s event as both a speaker and an exhibitor. Among other things, AP&T’s Steffen He will speak about the company’s unique production solution for complexly shaped aluminum parts under the theme "World’s First Multi-Purpose Production Line for Hot, Warm and W-Temper Forming of High Strength Aluminum".

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