AP&T showing turnkey production solution for fuel cell plates in Beijing, Stuttgart and Long Beach

04 July 2017

Interest in AP&T’s and Cell Impact’s concept for large-scale, cost-efficient manufacturing of fuel cell plates continues to grow. Consequently, AP&T will increase its market presence in 2017, and present its turnkey production solution in Beijing, Stuttgart and Long Beach, among other places.

The fact that an increasing number of car manufacturers is investing in fuel cell-operated vehicles has resulted in increased interest in AP&T’s and Cell Impact’s solution. The quickest development is in the Asian automotive industry, China in particular. 

The strong trend was confirmed during Fuel Cell Expo 2017 in Tokyo in March. This expo is the largest in the world for technology related to hydrogen and fuel cells. It was clear to AP&T, which took part both this year and in 2016, that a great deal has transpired in the market since last time.

“I was surprised by how quickly demand has grown. Today there are many players interested in production equipment for fuel cells, preferably with immediate delivery,” says Kimi He, who works with business development at AP&T. 

AP&T will take part in an additional three major events focused on fuel cells and hydrogen operation this summer and fall: China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Exhibition and Conference in Beijing August 28–30, EVS30 — International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition in Stuttgart October 9–11 and Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Expo (FCS&EE) in Long Beach November 7–9. 

“With our turnkey production solution and technical support, we have a very strong offering, which we are now giving more customers the opportunity to discover,” says Kimi He. 

AP&T’s extensive experience of production lines for heat exchanger plates forms the basis of AP&T’s and Cell Impact’s solution for large-scale manufacturing of fuel cell plates. Cell Impact's technology for high-speed forming, what is known as adiabatic forming, increases the steel's formability and enables more complex and exact patterns to be created or material thickness to be reduced. Earlier this year, fuel cell manufacturer Suzhou China Hydrogen ordered the first prototype plates that will be manufactured in accordance with the new concept. 

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