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Advanced sheet metal forming specialists

WWS Metallformen shaping the future with presses from AP&T

WWS Metallformen GmbH, located in in Hatzenbühl in southwest Germany, is an advanced sheet metal forming specialist. The company supplies tools, prototypes and short product series, primarily for the automotive industry. The company has increased its capacity over 2013 by, amongst other things, investing in two new presses from AP&T.

"WWS is one of our oldest customers in Germany. The company has had two hydromechanical AP&T presses among its machinery for over ten years. It is very gratifying to be entrusted again with supplying press equipment as WWS invests for the future," says Michael Hunger, AP&T's sales manager in Germany.

The organization has steadily developed and grown since WWS Metallformen was founded by Alois Weigel in 1982. The company is currently headed by Alois Weigel's son, Christian Weigel, and has 110 employees who help customers with everything from designing tools to manufacturing finished products.

"The combination of experience, innovation capacity and advanced technical equipment allows us to implement just about any idea imaginable," says Christian Weigel.

The ODEN-FT with 800 tons of press force will be used to manufacture parts for exhaust systems, for example.
Krister Pettersson from AP&T, Daniel Jahn from AP&T in Germany, Jürgen Nikolaus and Christian Weigel from WWS and Mikael Bramstedt, AP&T.

Two new presses from AP&T

The new presses from AP&T are an ODEN-FT with 800 tons of press force and an ODEN-WP with 250 tons of press force. Both are multi purpose presses for drawing, embossing and punching. WWS Metallformen will primarily use the presses to manufacture different parts for passenger car exhaust systems.

The investment in the new presses is part of WWS Metallformen's investment for the future as it expands its production area by 2200 m². In addition to the new 800 ton press, the production area will have tool production, equipment for laser cutting, a warehouse and personnel areas.

Reliability and flexibility

"We primarily chose AP&T for two reasons. We have excellent previous experience of the company's products, and their control system offers the freedom and flexibility we need," says Christian Weigel.

Facts about WWS Metallformen GmbH in Hatzenbühl

  • Founded in 1982.
  • Designs and manufactures tools for sheet metal forming, manufactures prototypes and produces complex products in small series.
  • Works as a partner to customers in the automotive, aviation, medical technology and consumer goods industries, amongst others.
  • More information is available at www.wws-metallformen.de 

October 2013

“AP&T’s control system offers the freedom and flexibility we need,” says Christian Weigel, President of WWW Metallformen.
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