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27-29 May 2024
CHS2 2024 Conference
Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The 9th International Conference on Hot Sheet Metal Forming of High-Performance Steel – CHS2 2024 – will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, May 27 to 29. Here, experts from the automotive and steelmaking sectors will come together to share insights into trends and anticipated breakthroughs in hot stamping, offering diverse perspectives throughout the automotive value chain. 

Jan Larsson from AP&T will participate in a round table discussion where he will focus on the latest developments within press hardening, and the production opportunities that can be achieved using press hardening of body components from large blanks (e.g. ArcelorMittal Multi Part Integration™). Other participants include ArcelorMittal, General Motors, Ford, Scania, and SSAB. 

Also from AP&T, Dr. Michael Machhammer will discuss the Multi-Layer Furnace and its ability to regulate an appropriate dew point, which is particularly crucial for press-hardening materials with a tensile strength between 1800 and 2000 MPa.

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