Advanced simulation demonstrates possibilities of AP&T equipment in customer setting

16 January 2019

Any customer interested in ordering new production equipment naturally wants to be certain that the equipment will be able to deliver fully on the investment once the machines are in place. To meet this need, AP&T has introduced a powerful tool for 3D simulations to show how the company’s production lines, linear robots and presses can perform in the customer’s factory setting.

“In addition to verifying cycle times and testing the equipment’s range, Visual Components offers entirely new ways to present 3D simulations in a virtual copy of the customer’s factory setting. To achieve an even more realistic depiction, we can also offer photo-realistic simulations. It is also possible to show cycle time in real time for each individual machine in the line,” says Andreas Vaktel, marketing coordinator at AP&T. 

Because the simulations can be saved in 3D PDF format, they are also very accessible to customers. 

“All you have to do to be able to see the simulation, move around in it and see how everything works from different angles is to install Acrobat Reader. It is also possible to download a free app that offers even more ways to explore the simulation through virtual reality.

Together with Visual Components, AP&T has created a library of dynamic 3D simulation models of a large number of different AP&T machines. It is easy to change and try out different sizes, stroke lengths and other qualities based on specific need without having to rebuild the models from the start — which shortens lead times considerably. 

“The dynamic simulation models are found in Visual Component’s public equipment catalog and can be used in other contexts by anyone who has Visual Components. It is very advantageous, not least for our network of external integrators who want to be able to use some of the market’s best machines in their own simulations,” says Andreas Vaktel.

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