AP&T educating employees on corporate social responsibility

06 December 2017

Is it acceptable to treat customers to a football match? Is accepting gifts all right? What is the appropriate course of action if you discover disparities with a supplier or at your own workplace? AP&T is currently educating its employees around the world on corporate social responsibility. Combating bribes and corruption is one of the focal areas. 

“Long-term success is based on free and honest competition, and we naturally have a zero-tolerance approach to all types of bribes and corruption. However, we operate in a large number of countries where there are different ideas about what constitutes good business practice and where the boundary between right and wrong isn’t always crystal clear. It is for this reason that we work preventively and are currently educating all of our employees on the existing risks and pitfalls. We also communicate with our customers, suppliers and contractors on a regular basis regarding our position on these issues,” says AP&T’s Director Operational Excellence Jan Jeremiasson.

AP&T’s global policy on bribes and corruption addresses everything from what applies in relation to gifts, to risk assessments of business partners. It also specifies that the same rules apply regardless of the country. If an employee suspects that something is amiss within the company, a special whistleblowing function is available where a report can be made anonymously. 

“Our culture is based on strong values and trust between employees and the company. With clear regulations, procedures and functions as well as open communication, we make it easier for everyone to contribute to our common goal — sustainable corporate social responsibility. 

Read more about AP&T’s sustainability management here.

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