AP&T is now adding factory-rebuilt presses to its customer offering. These are older machines that AP&T's facility in Tranemo, Sweden have fully rebuilt and upgraded to meet current performance and safety requirements.

“Choosing one of our factory-rebuilt presses is not only cost-efficient, but also sustainable,” says Andreas Silfversparre, Manager of Rebuilds & Optimization at AP&T.

During the rebuild process, AP&T technicians disassemble and thoroughly examine the press. They replace worn parts and outdated systems and components before reassembling the press and performing a test run and safety check. All exchanged parts are covered by AP&T's new-part warranty. 

“All machines are delivered with documentation certifying that they fulfill the safety and national standard requirements of each market. Buying one of our rebuilt presses is secure in every way.”

Factory-rebuilt presses complement AP&T's aftermarket business. More commonly, existing machines and production lines are rebuilt and upgraded at the customer site. 

“We are constantly helping our customers increase availability, production capacity and safety by upgrading and optimizing their existing equipment. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (Stellantis), Shiloh and Neuman Aluminium Raufoss are a few of the customers who have harnessed this opportunity in recent times,” says Andreas Silfversparre. 

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