AP&T presents its latest sensation for the first time at well-attended event in Ulricehamn

17 October 2017

On October 4 and 5, around 70 representatives from different parts of the global car industry gathered at AP&T in Ulricehamn. The program included the unveiling of two new sensations that enable lighter, safer and more energy efficient cars to be manufactured. Both of AP&T’s new innovations — process technology for forming high-strength aluminum and the company’s new servo hydraulic press — are setting a new standard in the industry.

“Many car manufacturers have already implemented the first wave of weight-saving measures. New designs, new materials and new manufacturing methods are needed in order to take the next step along the path of development. This is where our solution for hot forming parts out of high-strength aluminum comes in,” says AP&T’s Director Business Development and Marketing Per Josefsson. 

Among other things, visitors learned that AP&T’s process can provide weight savings of between 30 and 50 percent compared to the current technology, at the same time that the material is stronger and crashworthiness improves — aspects that aroused a great deal of interest among car manufacturers (OEM) and subcontractors. 

One of the components included in AP&T’s production solution is a newly developed servo hydraulic press, which is significantly faster and up to 50 percent more energy efficient than today’s hydraulic presses. 

“The new servo hydraulic press allows our customers to increase their production, while also lowering both their operating costs and their environmental impact.” 

In addition to AP&T’s guests and the company’s experts, several materials and application specialists from AP&T’s partners around the world attended the event. The new products are being launched on the global market during the autumn. 

AP&T’s solution for forming high-strength aluminum recently won the prestigious 2017 Altair Enlighten Award in the Enabling Technology category. The competition recognizes important innovations that can contribute to lighter and more energy-efficient cars. 

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