AP&T receives order from Xincheng Automotive Industrial Co., Ltd. for fourth press hardening line

15 February 2022

Xincheng Automotive Industrial Co., Ltd., manufacturers of chassis parts for a number of domestic and international car manufacturers, is now ordering a fourth press hardening line from AP&T since 2019. 

During the last three years, AP&T has received orders for three press hardening lines for Xincheng Automotive Industrials' manufacturing plants in Wuhan and Jingjiang. The first and second lines became operational in the beginning and end of 2021, respectively, and the third will complete SAT delivery in March, 2022. Nonetheless, Xincheng Automotive Industrial has ordered yet another line for their Wuhan factory. 

“Our decision to make this investment was spurred on by increasing demand for press hardened components from many of our customers. By 2023, the new line will greatly increase our production capacity,” says Mr. Huang Yinquan, Vice General Manager at Xincheng Automotive Industrial.

The orders from Xincheng Automotive Industrial strengthens AP&T's leading position in press hardening on the ever-important Chinese market. Thanks to AP&T’s established organization in China, collaboration has been able to continue throughout the pandemic. 

“AP&T holds a significant share of the market and has a good reputation for press hardening in China. Their technology makes for efficient, stable production and they provide excellent service. These are vital factors for us,” says Mr. Huang Yinquan.

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