AP&T strengthened in aftermarket: more service technicians on site

15 January 2018

AP&T is currently strengthening its aftermarket organization in order to offer customers more security and availability globally. Among other things this means additional service technicians, more efficient spare parts supply and increased technical support. 

“For our customers to be able to run sustainable and profitable operations, it is extremely important that the production solutions we supply are top performers and function worry-free for their entire service life. This is why we are strengthening our aftermarket offer globally,” says Director Aftermarket Services Magnus Svenningsson. He has held this position at AP&T since the middle of October.

One of the focal areas is what AP&T calls Fast Failure Recovery, which includes, for example, global technical customer support 24/7, constant access to mission critical spare parts and help from service technicians locally. 

“An unscheduled standstill can result in expensive production losses for the affected customer, and the problem must naturally be remedied as quickly as possible. We are adding several experienced service technicians to our organization to ensure we can solve problems on short notice that require physical presence at the customer’s premises.” 

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