Danfoss in China places order with AP&T for heat exchanger plate production solution

07 April 2017

Danfoss has ordered a complete production solution from AP&T for manufacturing heat exchanger plates in Haiyan, China. The investment will enable Danfoss to increase its production in order to meet the quickly growing demand for heat exchangers in China.

“This is a significant transaction in an important niche that strengthens both our positive relationship with Danfoss and our position in the Chinese market for heat exchangers,” says Håkan Rydenborg, sales manager at AP&T.

Brazed heat exchanger plates for refrigerating systems, air conditioning units, heating systems, air dryers and hydraulic oil coolers, among other things, are manufactured at Danfoss’ factory in Haiyan, which is located 120 km southwest of Shanghai. The factory currently has the capacity to supply the expansive Chinese market with approximately 300,000 heat exchangers a year. 

“The new line from AP&T will allow us both to increase our production capacity and to ensure a high level of product quality,” says Lei Huawei from Danfoss’ Production Technology Department.

The order comprises a complete production line for flexible manufacturing of heat exchanger plates, from coils to finished stack, as well as service, maintenance and support. The line is built with AP&T’s standard components, and it has a high degree of automation including a large proportion of operator-independent functions, which satisfy the far-reaching OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) requirements. Delivery is expected to take place at the end of 2017/beginning of 2018.

AP&T’s products for manufacturing heat exchanger plates are already being used at several of Danfoss’ factories, but this is the first order that AP&T has received for equipment that will be used at the factory in China.

“Within the group, we have had positive experience of AP&T’s production solutions, and we have a great deal of trust in the company’s know-how. Having access to service and support through the company’s office in Shanghai is also a major advantage,” says Lei Huawei.

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