Great interest in AP&T’s press hardening technology at Automotive Crash Testing Conference in Chennai, India

09 November 2017

At the end of September, around a hundred representatives of both the Indian and the global car industry gathered at the Automotive Crash Testing Conference in Chennai, India, which was co-sponsored by ISGEC and AP&T. The aim was to discuss the new, stringent Indian requirements regarding crashworthiness and environmental performance — and how the standards can be met. AP&T, which is a world leader in press hardening, presented how the company’s solutions can help reduce vehicle weight and energy consumption, while improving crashworthiness at the same time.

The Indian market for passenger cars is one of the largest and fastest growing in the world, with annual production of 3.6 million cars (2016). India is also one of the countries most hard hit in terms of road accidents. As a result, the Indian authorities have introduced new requirements regarding impact safety which will apply from autumn 2017. New, more stringent emission standards will also be introduced starting in 2020. 

“In order to meet the new requirements regarding safety and environmental performance, we need solutions that enable low vehicle weight and low emissions to be combined with a high level of safety. Our expertise and experience in press hardening allow us to help both OEMs and subcontractors achieve their goals,” says Dominik Taszkin, who is head of sales for AP&T in India. 

AP&T is well-positioned in the Indian market due to its partnership with ISGEC, which is the largest press manufacturer in India. Last year the company signed a cooperation agreement with ISGEC, both for the manufacture of presses and for the marketing and sales of production solutions for press hardening in India. 

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