More reliable operations and less administration with AP&T’s availability agreement

17 May 2018

“Based on the customer’s needs, we offer complete solutions — including training, service, support and other services our customers need to maximize availability and reliability — at a set and predetermined monthly price. In this respect, we are unique in the industry,” says Henrik Vesterlund, technical sales manager at AP&T.

Signing an availability agreement with AP&T is similar to signing an insurance policy. With the aim of ensuring uninterrupted production, customers select which services the agreement is to cover and thereafter pay a set monthly price. 

“We go through the machinery and assess the need for expertise, support and maintenance, and then propose an agreement based on those needs. When we have jointly determined the content of the agreement, a team from AP&T ensures that service, support and training are provided as agreed. Customers are able to safeguard their business from unexpected expense while minimizing the risk of unplanned stoppages. You also avoid wasting time on contacting suppliers, receiving bids and processing various invoices every time service is required. The aim of the availability agreement is to take care of both the customer and the machine over the course of a long-term business relationship.” 

Plannja, located in Järnforsen in southern Sweden, has discovered the advantages offered by AP&T’s availability agreement. The company manufactures roofing sheet metal and drainage systems out of painted thin sheet metal in coils. Plannja’s machinery includes four production lines with eight presses and related automation equipment from AP&T. 

“Production is conducted in three shifts, and the presses work hard — it is a matter of several million press cycles a year. Reliability is everything for us. For this reason, in 2017 we decided to sign a more comprehensive service agreement than we have had previously,” says Lars Olofsson, site manager at Plannja in Järnforsen. 

The availability agreement comprises all preventive service for all of the machinery from AP&T — at a set monthly price. 

“All of the wear parts are replaced according to a service plan. We can plan service to ensure it is executed with the least possible amount of disruption, and we receive quick and qualified support when needed. We are very satisfied. We have decided to sign another availability agreement for another year with AP&T now that the first year has come to an end. 

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