Production start of AP&T's first press-hardening line in India

04 June 2024

AP&T's first press-hardening line in India is now operational at ALF Engineering, in Khed City, Pune, southeast of Bombay. A major, important step for both companies.

“Through our collaboration with AP&T, we have the opportunity to acquire a meaningful presence in the rapidly growing market for press-hardened parts in India,” says Mr. Koshy Ninan, Vice President of Business Development at ALF.

The demand from car manufacturers in India for press-hardened parts is increasing almost explosively. The extent of ALF’s orders to manufacture parts means that much of the line's capacity will be utilized by mid 2026. Going forward, it will be possible to manufacture between two and four million parts per year.  

According to Peter Karlsson, Area Sales Manager at AP&T, the new, fully automatic line is one of the most advanced in India.

“Our solution has a very high level of performance, availability and capacity. The line is based on our process know-how and experience, and as One Responsible Partner® we have provided ALF with a highly competitive, fully integrated overall solution. Also included in addition to AP&T's automation and control system is a 1200-ton hydraulic press manufactured by our Indian partner ISGEC based on AP&T's design and a furnace from BENTELER Mechanical Engineering.”

The cooperation agreement also includes transferring knowledge and developing ALF engineers’ press hardening expertise.

“The goal is to jointly make ALF India's leading supplier of press-hardened parts and components. Therefore, for the next five years, we will assist by contributing our knowledge in process and tool development, among other things,” says Karlsson.

“We are very satisfied with the design of the collaboration and look forward to a long-term relationship that will benefit both parties,” says Mr. Koshy Ninan at ALF.

AP&T's first press hardening line in India is expected to be just the first.

“We are seeing a lot of interest in our offer and have received several requests for new lines. And given the market's size and growth potential, we have a very positive view of the potential to grow here,” says Karlsson.


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