Volvo Cars invests in new press hardening furnaces from AP&T

02 December 2021

Volvo Car Body Components in Olofström, Sweden, has ordered two new Multi-Layer Furnaces from AP&T for the production of press hardened automotive components. Replacing an existing furnace and adding a complementary one, will not only increase production capacity and flexibility, but also reduce maintenance requirements and energy consumption. Installation is planned for summer 2022. 

“The order is an important milestone that coincides with furnace systems now becoming a separate business area within AP&T. We are proud to have won the trust as a One Responsible Partner® to once again work closely with Volvo in Olofström. The production line runs pretty much round the clock, which poses extremely tough demands on the performance and availability of the equipment,” says Krister Pettersson, Key Account Manager at AP&T.  

For Volvo Car Body Components, the investment gives them a better platform to meet the need for press hardened sheet metal parts, that contribute to reduced weight and greater passenger safety in the event of an accident in the various Volvo car models. 

The new Multi-Layer Furnaces will be integrated into one of the existing press hardening lines that AP&T delivered to Volvo in Olofström in 2015/2016. AP&T was responsible for all integrated equipment in that order, except for the actual furnaces. 

“The investment increases our furnace capacity, which offers the opportunity to manufacture larger volumes and gives us greater flexibility in production. We are also gaining a more energy efficient process at the same time, that contributes to more sustainable production,” says Jonas Claesson, project manager and maintenance engineer at Volvo Cars Body Components. 

The new furnaces, which are the third generation of Multi-Layer Furnaces from AP&T, have been further developed in a number of points compared to earlier versions.  

“Our next generation of furnaces has a very stable design and are simple to maintain. For example, the heating elements can be replaced much more quickly now, which means shorter downtime that can free up many hours of valuable production time. The furnaces are also more energy efficient – they require lower installed output and have smaller heat losses,” says Pär Mickos, Product Manager Furnace Systems at AP&T.

The multi-layer design also has obvious fundamental advantages compared with traditional roller hearth furnaces. The compact format has a much smaller footprint. And were the furnace to suffer operational interruptions, you do not have to stop production completely. As a rule, turning off one of the furnace layers is sufficient, and the other layers can continue to be used as normal. Each chamber is equipped with dew point control, which also ensures every sheet meets customer specifications. 

As part of the preparatory work, the AP&T and Volvo teams have worked closely together to ensure that the new Multi-Layer Furnaces can be integrated with other equipment in an optimal way. To assure high availability, the order includes an extended warranty that has been able to be offered by including servicing. 

“Cooperation with AP&T has worked really well. Naturally, it is an advantage to work with the same partner that developed and installed the actual production line. The new furnaces provide us with a secure solution that meets our needs in the future,” says Claesson.

The order in brief

  • Two new AP&T Multi-Layer Furnaces for the production of press hardened car body components. 
  • The third generation of Multi-Layer Furnaces developed and manufactured by AP&T, with a stable, service friendly design and advanced process monitoring.
  • Developed to meet the specifications in the CQI-9 standard (Quality Requirements for industrial furnaces issued by the Automotive Industry Action Group, AIAG, which has 4,000 automotive manufacturers globally as members.)
  • Delivery and installation at Volvo Car Body Components in Olofström, Sweden, is planned for summer 2022.
  • The order also comes with an extended warranty that includes service. 

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