Productive and sustainable solutions that deliver reliably and securely throughout the entire lifetime, developed, installed and maintained by One Responsible Partner®. This is the very core of AP&T’s range, regardless of the area of application and end product.

Productive solutions for profitable metal forming

With the point of departure being the customer’s wishes and our modular-based product program, we produce optimized solutions that comprise everything from separate machines to complete production lines, which lays the foundation for high lifetime performance and productivity.

In our role as One Responsible Partner®, we also provide services that guarantee a high degree of availability and optimal production such as preventative maintenance, training, performance analyses, modernization and upgrades. We guarantee function and capacity for the entire installation, even if it includes parts and components from a make other than our own. Every project is taken care of by a project manager who ensures that the entire process, from initiation to start-up, maintains a high level of quality and that the set goals are effectively met.

Automotive and Climate & Energy

AP&T has been delivering production lines to metal forming companies since the 1980s. Today we are a global player that focuses on solutions for customers that are primarily active in the automotive and climate & energy industries.  


AP&T is a world leader in production solutions for forming lightweight materials such as press hardening of vehicle parts in high tensile steel. We also drive development of new forming methods for aluminum and composites, for example.

Climate & Energy

AP&T offers standardized production solutions for large-scale and cost-efficient manufacturing of heat exchanger plates, air duct parts and roof drainage solutions. We constantly develop new processes and solutions for optimized production.

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