The rapid development of materials and manufacturing methods creates new opportunities for the automotive industry to produce safer and lighter products with lower fuel consumption and less impact on the climate. As a cooperation partner to several globally active manufacturers of cars and vehicle components, AP&T plays an important role in the development.
Volvo XC90 – press hardened parts in cooperation with AP&T.

Technology for cars of the future

The automotive industry is AP&T’s largest customer segment. Customers from all over the world use our production solutions for manufacturing press hardened vehicle parts.

In addition to developing and refining our technology for press hardening of sheet steel, we invest significant resources in the development of production solutions for other lightweight materials such as aluminum and composites. 

Life cycle analyses show the climate performance of processes and products 

How significant a climate impact does a press-hardening line have during its lifetime? And how does the material content of structural parts affect a car's climate performance? By applying comprehensive life cycle analyses, we can provide information that makes it easier for vehicle manufacturers to account for the total climate impact of their products. They also receive detailed, third-party reviewed facts to provide guidance in making material selection and design decisions. We currently offer life cycle analyses for press hardening and hot forming of high-strength aluminum. 

Automation improves productivity in existing lines

At the same time, many manufacturers have a great deal of potential in terms of rationalizing and streamlining their production of conventional cold-pressed parts. Here AP&T offers both new production equipment and automation of existing machinery and production lines – regardless of the make. For example, AP&T has automated a large number of tandem lines, which results in shorter cycle times, higher availability and improved product quality.

Production line for hot forming of aluminum.
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