Heat Exchanger Plates

Standardized production lines for short cycle times, effective utilization of materials and high repeat accuracy.

Short cycle times and effective utilization of materials

Our production lines are built with standardized modules that provide a high level of reliability, and which comprise all production steps from coil to stacked package. The process results in shorter cycle times and effective utilization of materials. It is particularly suited to forming plates with complex patterns, which require a great deal of repeat accuracy during production.

We have been developing and delivering production equipment for heat exchanger plates for heat pumps and district heating assemblies since the 1980s. Most of the world’s leading manufacturers of heat exchangers for heating and cooling of homes and office premises are among our customers.

AP&T also offers press tools for manufacturing heat exchanger plates. The tools are intended for stainless steel or titanium sheet metal, with or without copper foil, and can handle material thicknesses from 0.25 mm.

Brazed heat exchanger plates – from coil to finished plate

  • The line is equipped with double sided decoilers so that downtime for coil changes can be reduced and maximum production can be ensured.
  • AP&T’s servo-driven gripper feeder has been specially designed to handle thin or double material and ensure a rapid feed with high positioning tolerance.
  • AP&T’s embossing presses with press forces from 3 000 kN to 18 000 kN provide a high level of product quality and high speed, due to the frame rigidity and the innovative hydraulic system.
  • The system is extremely energy efficient, and furthermore, it emits a low noise level and requires minimal maintenance.
  • An intelligent stacker turning every other plate and delivers a complete package at the end of the line.
  • AP&T’s software for production and the individually controlled hole punching tool enable production output that is fully managed in line with customer orders. 
  • The dies for heat exchanger plates are modular, which reduces the cost of tooling as several plate variants can be produced by replacing inserts in a common die shoe.

Gasket heat exchanger plates – from coil or blanks to finished part

  • The line can be fed with coils, blanks or a combination for full flexibility.
  • AP&T’s rigid embossing presses with press forces up to 100,000 kN ensures a high product quality.
  • The line can also include presses for punching and/or trimming.
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