Lines & Products

With one of the industry’s most extensive product programs, AP&T can offer everything from updates of existing equipment and separate installations to complete and fully integrated production lines, including automation, presses, furnace systems and tooling. Our system of well-tested standard modules provides unsurpassed flexibility and the opportunity to design a customized solution based on individual customer needs.


AP&T’s flexible and reliable production lines are used to manufacture a vast range of products in widely differing industries across the globe.

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AP&T has the expertise and equipment needed to handle sheet metal in a rational and profitable manner, regardless of the industry and regardless of whether separate systems or complete lines are required. 

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Hydraulic Presses

AP&T has a broad program of hydraulic presses for most types of metal forming. Our most recent addition is a world first – a new servo hydraulic press with exceptionally high dynamic performance and up to 50% lower energy consumption than conventional hydraulic presses. All of our presses can be installed as separate machines or as integrated components of a complete line. 

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The right tooling creates the conditions needed for high quality, repeat accuracy and productivity. AP&T offers tools for forming most products, and the company has developed its own tooling concept for press hardening, ventilation, roof drainage and heat exchanger plates.

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Furnace Systems

AP&T offers Multi-Layer Furnace systems for press hardening of steel and hot forming of high-strength aluminum. A fully automated, compact, energy-efficient solution with few moving parts and a minimum need of maintenance.

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