Moving sheet metal should be easy. AP&T is an expert at automating both new and existing machinery – regardless of whether it concerns separate presses or complete press lines, and basically regardless of the industry.

Complete program for all types of sheet metal forming

To ensure a productive solution with a high degree of availability during the entire life cycle, we take responsibility for all of the included automation components, as well as integration, programming, control and aftermarket services. Our modular-based program comprises everything from blank feeding to robots and stacking of the finished products. We also supply a well-developed range of accessories such as conveyors, safety equipment and part grippers, as well as functions such as fully automated settings and gripper changes.

New generation SpeedFeeder SF60 Robot from AP&T

Our latest generation – quicker, lighter and more energy efficient

In 2016 we introduced an entirely new generation of quick, light and energy-efficient press robots and transfer systems. With an approximately 20 percent higher acceleration speed, the new generation enables significantly shorter cycle times and higher production capacity. The structural parts are manufactured with lightweight material, which reduces both weight and energy consumption. A new SpeedFeeder is approximately 10 percent more energy efficient than the previous model. Compared to conventional industrial robots, the difference can be as much as 50 percent. The equipment has been prepared for connection to smartphones and tablets, for example, in order to simplify reading of machine status and production statistics. 

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