Furnace Systems

As world leading innovator, supplier and integrator of complete hot-forming solutions, we know how important it is that all components included constitute an optimized unit that performs at peak during its entire lifetime. An exact, well-monitored heating process is vital if the end product is to have the requested properties, such as a high level of collision safety.

Press hardening of steel and hot forming of high-strength aluminum 

AP&T's furnace systems for press hardening of steel and hot forming of high-strength aluminum meet high demands for cycle times, repeatability, flexibility, availability, shop floor utilization and energy performance. 

Multi-Layer Furnace system

With our unique Multi-Layer Furnace system, we offer a fully automated, compact, electric, energy-efficient solution with only a few moving parts and a minimum need of maintenance. The design, with multi-layer single chambers, also makes production significantly less sensitive to operational disturbances than conventional alternatives. 

TemperBox® – propelling press hardening into the future 

The Multi-Layer Furnace comes equipped with an advanced system for process monitoring, which makes it possible to meet specific quality demands. Our patented TemperBox® enables production of components with a tailored combination of hard and soft zones, without compromising cycle times. It integrates well with the Multi-Layer Furnace but can also be added to any other state-of-the-art furnace types. TemperBox® runs on electricity. 

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Hot forming of high-strength aluminum

With our lines for hot forming of high-strength aluminum we also offer Multi-Layer Furnaces with Jet Heating technology, which features high performance and precision heat treatment in a very compact format.
The system can either be run on electricity or gas. 

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