Having the right tooling is decisive in terms of the productivity of manufacturing and the properties of the end product. AP&T has been developing its tooling concept and has delivered press tools for the sheet metal forming industry for many years. The company is currently a world leader in press hardening, amongst other things.

Quality tools and well-tested concept

AP&T offers quality tools for forming most metal products, and the company has developed its own, well-tested tooling concept for press hardening, ventilation, roof drainage and heat exchanger plates. AP&T's world-leading position in press hardening is largely based on the company’s tools for advanced hot forming. We supply tooling for the manufacture of all types of press hardened car parts.

Tool testing and pre-production of press hardened parts

Our Tech Center in Ulricehamn allows us to simulate and test materials and measurement equipment to ensure a faultless final result of the finished product. Amongst other things, the Tech Center has a complete and fully automated press hardening line for demonstrations, test manufacturing and pre-production, and it is designed on the basis of real production conditions. We can also help you with production there.

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Press hardening

AP&T has the expertise needed to provide the right tool solution for press hardening lines. An overall approach to production gives us greater opportunities to optimize both product quality and process reliability.

Air duct parts

AP&T offers tools for collar, saddles, elbows, reducers, take-offs and end caps in hot-dip galvanized steel for the ventilation industry. We deliver standard tools for approximately 150 part variants.

Heat exchanger plates

AP&T offers press tools for manufacturing heat exchanger plates for compact heat exchangers. The tools are intended for stainless steel sheet metal – with or without copper foil – and can handle material thicknesses between 0.25 and 0.9 mm.

Roof drainage

AP&T supplies a complete range of tools for all parts and sizes available in the market. The tools are designed for both manual and automatic operation. Multiple operations in the bend and gutter outlet tools. All of the tools are tested and are completely production-ready at delivery.

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