Terms & conditions and legal relationship between AP&T and those who visit our website

AP&T appreciates your interest in our products and that you visit our website.

The legal relationship between you as the visitor and AP&T is regulated according to the following terms and conditions and Swedish law. The terms and conditions are general and apply to all of AP&T’s websites connected to www.aptgroup.com.

By visiting AP&T’s website, each visitor is deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions.

AP&T reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice by updating this page. AP&T therefore recommends that you as the visitor return to this page regularly.

Intellectual Property Rights

AP&T and the AP&T logo are brands or registered brands that belong to AP&T AB. The same applies for all product names and brands with regard to AP&T’s products and services.

Texts, pictures, visual identity and other material that are published on AP&T’s website belong to AP&T and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. Unauthorized use of the material can result in criminal liability and liability for damages. The content on AP&T’s website may only be used once permission has been received from the rights holder. The making of copies and the presentation, distribution, display or any other method of communicating material from the website to the general public is prohibited without AP&T's written consent. Exceptions only apply for use that is strictly private, which assumes, however, that all aspects of copyright are maintained.

News and case studies: The use of news, case studies and similar documents is permitted for mass media purposes under the condition that the source is stated.

Incoming Messages and Material

The following terms and conditions apply to those who send in content to AP&T by e-mail or via our website:

1. Messages and content that are sent to AP&T via the website will be considered as non-confidential information unless otherwise specified. Hence, all such content can be used by the companies within the AP&T Group. AP&T is therefore free to use every idea, concept, piece of know-how or any technical information that is sent electronically to AP&T within the framework of its business.

2. You are making the content accessible to AP&T and you allow us to publish it.

3. You are responsible for making sure that the content does not contain any elements that are illegal or in any other way inappropriate for publication.

4. You must take reasonable measures in order to identify and eliminate viruses or any other infectious or destructive functions in the content before you provide it.

5. You are responsible for being the originator or having full right of disposition of the content with the knowledge that AP&T will be entitled to use the content in ways we deem best without having to provide any compensation to you or a third party.

6. You are obliged to notify AP&T if a third party plans to act against AP&T on account of the content you sent in. You are also obliged in these cases to fully indemnify AP&T.


AP&T disclaims any responsibility for all types of direct and indirect damage, such as losses, loss of profit or other costs that can be considered as having arisen in connection with the use of information that is published on the company’s website. 
All use of content from this website is at the user’s own risk. AP&T is therefore not responsible for and has no obligations in relation to material on AP&T’s website or content on other websites with links to or from AP&T's website.

All material that is published on AP&T’s website is merely regarded as public information – as it is provided without any assurances whatsoever. Our ambition is for all the content on the website to be fully accurate, complete and updated. However, the risk of there being inaccuracies still exists. Always contact AP&T when you wish to have complete and accurate information regarding our products. If there are differences between the information on the website and that in AP&T’s printed material, then always refer to the printed material. AP&T reserves the right to change the information and content on the website at any time and without prior notification.

AP&T is working on minimizing the risk of technical errors on the company’s website. AP&T is not responsible for any problems that may occur due to technical errors or interruption of service. Nor does AP&T give any assurances that the web pages or the servers that are used are free from viruses or anything else that can cause damage.

Links. Any links that exist on the website are simply there as a service for the visitor. AP&T is not responsible for the content, reliability or accessibility of any other websites that can be accessed via links from any of AP&T’s websites.

Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions or due to the use of the website shall be settled by a Swedish court with the application of Swedish law.

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