Active sustainability work creates the conditions needed for new business and long-term strategic growth. AP&T’s approach to sustainability comprises not only our own operations and our customer offering, it also very much concerns the end products that are produced with the assistance of our solutions. Focus here is primarily on satisfying long-term wishes related to safety, low weight and good energy efficiency. By meeting our customers’ high demands, we lay the foundation for continued success – both for our customers and for us.

Key success factors

Our sustainability perspective is an integrated part of our business model, which is based on AP&T's four factors of success.

We are to:

  • at an early stage identify the product niches that have the greatest market potential and develop the most innovative solutions for these. This is to be done through cross-functional cooperation within AP&T and in close cooperation with customers, suppliers and research institutes.

  • act as “One Responsible Partner®” and deliver turnkey production systems based on well-developed and standardized modules. This is important in relation to ensuring the shortest possible lead time and a secure production start, as well as a competitive total cost for our customers.

  • live up to our fundamental value discipline of “customer proximity”, whereby we offer customized aftermarket products from our local technical centers, and thus ensure maximum availability and lifetime in the customer’s production system.

  • be an attractive employer that offers our employees professional development based on unique technical know-how, a culture that promotes innovation and leadership that is based on business acumen and constant improvements.

Weight Reduction
Energy Efficiency

Comprehensive environmental perspective

We constantly assess opportunities and risks in our processes from a broad perspective, which comprises selection of materials, energy utilization and transport. This particularly applies to cooperation with customers and external partners.

  • We offer energy-saving solutions.

  • We cooperate closely with customers and other stakeholders on environmental issues.

  • We aim to reduce and prevent pollutants in all of our operations.

  • We conduct internal environmental work, which leads to constant improvements.

  • We utilize our employees’ commitment and awareness, and environmental issues are integrated with our skills development.

  • We develop in the area of the environment through mutual learning and an open exchange of information related to environmental issues, whereby initiative and innovative thinking are encouraged.

  • We are active participants in the public debate on sustainable development.

Clear environmental objectives that can be followed up guide our internal environmental work towards constant improvements.

Constant improvements result in higher quality

AP&T constantly works to lower the total cost while raising the level of quality. Doing so gives our customers a greater competitive advantage in the long run. AP&T grows stronger in the market, and can continue to develop positively. Since autumn 2015, we have had a common management system for both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and we are certified by Lloyd’s LRQA (Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance).

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