AP&T: Efficient spare parts supply with long-term security increasingly important for customers

01 March 2018

“Our customers should have access to the parts they need no matter where their operations are located across the globe. We are currently investigating how we can develop our offering to improve availability and help prevent unplanned stoppages,” says Director Aftermarket Services Magnus Svenningsson at AP&T.

AP&T’s ambition is for every customer to achieve the greatest returns on their investment during the entire service life of the machinery. The machines should be ready to work whenever required, which frequently means as close to around the clock as possible. Having reliable and quick access to spare parts is crucial in terms of minimizing both planned and unplanned stoppages. 

To address this need, AP&T has developed its spare parts supply to ensure a strong local and regional presence. AP&T’s three spare parts warehouses in Europe, Asia and North America mean customers receive personal service when seeking advice and placing orders. In many cases the most common wear parts are kept in stock at the customer’s premises or at the closest AP&T service office.

“The next step will be to develop a global web shop where customers can order spare parts 24/7. We are developing online services at the same time so that customers can monitor the status of their production equipment and gauge the extent of wear on the included components. Having full insight into the machinery’s status enables detailed planning of maintenance and ensures parts can be ordered on time, which minimizes interruptions and helps avoid production losses,” says Magnus Svenningsson.

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