Industry-leading expertise at AP&T’s seminars about lightweight materials and forming methods

29 June 2015

Press-hardened steel, advanced forming of aluminum or composite material? Anyone looking to become more up-to-date on how the global automotive industry’s need for lighter, stronger parts can be met in the short term and the long term will be able to do so this fall. AP&T is arranging Future Forming Seminars in Detroit, Yokohama and Shanghai. 

Industry-leading experts will talk about the current situation, the rapid development of material and forming methods and the opportunities that are presenting themselves for the future. This year’s speakers include Prof. Dr. Steinhoff, Mr. Agim Ademaj from University of Kassel and representatives from General Motors*, CAR (Center for Automotive Research) and AP&T. 

Locations and dates
Detroit, Michigan, USA September 16 – 17 (*GM will only participate at the Detroit seminar).
Yokohama, Japan October 8 – 9.
Shanghai, China October 12 – 13.

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